Flower Hat: Failed Hat for me #2

This hat took me absolutely bloody ages to make. Since I'm very far from gaining my black belt in crochet, this advanced pattern took an age for me to understand. I think a lot of my trouble is, I try too hard to follow the pattern, rather than just being sensible and thinking "what is it actually supposed to look like at the end of this?" I always have this dumb-headed belief that if I stick with it it will magically turn out OK in the end.

However, once I'd understood the pattern (after unravelling it a good 400 times), it was actually pretty quick and easy to make. Just one problem.

It was teeny tiny. So I made it again with a bigger hook.

Still teeny tiny. Tried an extra flower.

No dice.

Photographed it and sent it to the big ball of wool in the sky. Cried a little.

Free Pattern from Crochet By The Hook
[The ever-helpful Dot has now added a detailed tutorial for the killer Row 6 so you shouldn't have to unravel it quite as many times as I did. I'm still not sure quite why mine ended up being so small though.]


Jessica said…
You know, I am midway through this hat myself, and mine is extra tiny too. I'm not even sure it would fit a 3 month old, it's that small. I don't think I crochet too tightly... but who knows? Maybe so. I like the hat... and yet, I won't finish making something I can't wear.
Katie said…
It's amazing how many things I've made that have ended up being far too small. I don't think I crochet too tightly either, but clearly something is amiss.