Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Crafster Pariah

I've noted that I have a knack for killing a topic stone dead when I respond to it on Craftster. I'm thinking that maybe I've committed some hideous faux pas somewhere along the line and now I'm being politely ignored in the hopes that I'll go away.

Ah, how little they know of my tenacious ability to hang around long after I'm welcome. I'm not going away - it's too good over there. They've got all kinds of clever people with nifty ideas and access to patterns I could never dream of. If I hang around long enough, maybe they'll get used to me - just like that person in your school gang who you didn't really like, but who could afford to buy all the CDs you wanted.


Al said...

Wonderful photography work, Ms Hooking! No wonder you write a digital camera column in the newspaper.

Katie said...

Thanks boyfriend! But I think you're talking about the photo below, right?!