Monday, May 22, 2006


I've nearly finished my shrug - just one little teensy tie to do. Really, I don't know what's taking me so long. It's shameful. But I just seem to have lost the drive at the moment. Not that I don't still grab my crochet as soon as I sit down in front of the TV, but recently I seem to simply hold it whilst gawking at the goggle box. Progress is pathetically slow. I suppose I did go through a period of not watching TV at all and only crocheting, so maybe it's time to redress the balance with some proper square-eyed behaviour.

Anyway, enough of my excuses, this is just a short post to say that I'm planning on jumping on that Amigurumi band wagon very soon. Crochet Me has a special on the little blighters and I really just can't get enough of them. Just as with the whole crochet clothes business (and how I got sucked into it against my will) I've never had any desire at all to make crocheted toys - since they remind me of receiving crap presents at Christmas from my Grandmother (along with the thermal underwear, which funnily enough I'd probably rather like now). However, as with so much in life, the Japanese know how to make things that are a whole lot cuter than our western woolly ways.

Leigh, of Knit-Errant fame, did this lovely one from a pattern she got here; Amy from the Hook & I has hers well on the way and - OH MY HEAVENLY LORD - just look at what Google brings up: A whole blog of Amigurumis. I feel like everyone's been having a party without me. :(

More Amigurumi blog stuff:
Amigurumi Girl
Gourmet Amigurumi
Amigurumi Crochet

And look at these! It's Amigurumi The Dogs!

Dear me. I'm off for a lie down - this is all far too exciting.



Allena said...

love amigurumi! i'm making a frog based on keroppi from my daughters hello kitty dvds
it is sooo fun to make!

Mother said...

Your grandmother, god rest her, made some fantastic toys, which I might add she designed herself, like the clown made from circles of fabric gathered and threaded on very strong cotton thread. How about showing some of her crotcheted work, which I know you have, just let everyone see where you get your talent from in the crotchet world??!!!!!!!

Leigh said...

Aww, thanks for the link -- you're too sweet! :)

Amigurumi are so fun! Part of it, I think, is because they work up pretty quickly. (...Only problem is that my daughter has now seen how fast they work up and has asked for several more.)

You might get a kick out of looking at this page. It's has lots of amigurumi dogs (and a couple cats) made from spun dog and cat fur. They're all done up to look like their...uh... hair donor. Very cute!

Jenni said...

I think that those Amigurumi might just be motivation enough to make me pick my hook back up! They're really cute.

craftybernie said...

How gorgeous is that! I've seen these popping up on blogs and now I want one. So fab! Lovely colours too.

Knitted_Painting said...

I love amigurumi too I can't help but want to make every single one that I've seen! I looked at the site link given above and I think it's really cute but at the same time kind of spooky hehe^_^

Anonymous said...

do you have patterns for that cute pink shrug and amigurumi cat???? if you do please email them to me...please.