Saturday, September 02, 2006

The amazing Louisa Calder

I can't keep away from Louisa Calder for long, no matter how much I may giggle at her indifference to professional finishings off and her cheerful habit of making things that any sane person would feel entirely humiliated to wear in public. On the one hand I'm bemused (and perhaps even a little exasperated) by her obsession with making everything in double crochet (US sc) no matter what, and her unfathomable need to finish everthing off in such a botched manner that it looks like she grew bored and gave it to a toddler to stitch together. On the other, I love the bright colours she uses, the way she creates neat little "bird in flight" effects and the fact that she really does go to town with the crazy designs without a care for taste. Check out these ties for starters. Can you imagine anyone actually wearing these things?! And what's with the random way they get larger and smaller? I mean I'm pretty lax at finishing things off, but if I were to publish a book of my creations I think I might start actually finding out what this "blocking" business is all about.

Still, if I had to pick a crochet spirit guide, I think it would have to be Mrs Calder. And now I'm looking at these ties, I'm suddenly seeing the next trendy ironic Hoxton boys fashion appearing before my eyes.

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