Saturday, September 02, 2006

Crochet Baby Hat

So this is my latest Louisa Calder work of art. Looking at the ridiculous pixie hats, I thought to myself "just who in their right mind would be willing to step out sporting one of these ludicrous hats in public?" and then the answer came to me "a small child without the ability to protest". Since my friend is just about to pop out a new recruit for the sisterhood (ie, she's going to have a baby girl), I thought I'd make little Mae a hat that would be the cause of future embarrassment for her. Her head will hopefully be about the right size by the time the weather requires head attire (if my calculations are correct).

I haven't quite finished it off yet - I'm going to make it yet more foolish looking by adding some much needed ear flaps - but I'm pretty pleased with it so far, especially as the design was all created freestyle, based roughly on Louisa's basic hat design with a few modifications from me.


pippi said...

i would totally wear something like that! i love elf hats! they are like my new obsession!
lucky little baby girl!

Anonymous said...
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Lily said...

Oh I love the color combination. It will become a cute hat.

Liza said...

Beautiful had and I love the colours! Can you remember what kind of yarn you used?