Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Amigurumi Dude - my half-arsed attempt

Oops! Just discovered this on draft from ages ago. I actually made this *last* Christmas, which makes this quite a feat of forgetfulness.

Thing is, I love the idea of making cute amigurumi dolls, but when I actually start, I find the whole process a bit too boring to keep me going. Lots of fiddly little bits and not an awful lot of mindless crochet fun, which is why blanket and hat-making command so much of my loyalty.

Anyway, as you can see, this is a fairly half-arsed little Amigurumi Dude, which I didn't ever quite finish off. I'm not even entirely sure what became of the poor little fellow. He was supposed to be a Christmas king, and I was planning on giving him to my sister. But I probably fobbed him off on some innocent child who was visiting one day. One thing worth noting, though, is the fact that I took the trouble to *knit* him a scarf, which is a very rare occurrence and should probably be marked with some kind of national feast day.

My friend put the little tassles on. She'd popped in with her other half and before either of them knew what had hit them, both Al and I had got them assisting in each of our craft projects. We really are fun people to know...


jezzabell said...

Hi there, i like your blog and things you make, i come sometimes here to see how you are doing... and today i just noticed this - how can you be in February if there is still January?
Take care

Katie said...

Ha ha! Thanks! I've got so used to using US dating formats that I got the day and the month round the wrong way.