Black crochet tea cosy - surprisingly tasteful for me

Those of you who hold each and every update I write close to your bosom, remembering every word and every project as though they were your own children, will have no trouble in recalling this "trendy tea cosy" (as I dubbed it at the time), which went disastrously wrong thanks to an ill-judged bit of sizing guess work on my part.

Well, I finally got the unfinished project back out of my stash box and added the extension required to make it fit my tea pot. And now I have an *actual* bit of tasteful crochet in my house, as well as a very nice warm tea pot. It's like some kind of Christmas miracle. Except for without the Christmas.

The cosy didn't really suffer from the half-arsed bit of bodging I had to do to make it big enough. In fact, I rather like the sideways rows I've added to each edge of the cosy. And the fact that it's custom-made to fit my pot gives it that special edge that I know will drive all my friends crazy with tea cosy-envy. They'll try to hide it with looks of complete indifference or polite interest, but *I'll* know the truth.


Anonymous said…
hey nice cozie...please send me the pattern my little grannies want to give it a shot : )
thanks DAvid.