Return of the Granny Blanket.

My life's work has had another makeover, returning in a smaller, more manageable format, and with a whole lot more sturdiness.

You'll no doubt recall that I've been making this blanket since before I can remember (so - what - like, 10 years or something) and it's never really been finished off properly, despite the fact that it's been put to use on many occasions.

Since the weight of it meant it was starting to pull itself apart, I finally got my act together and rejoined the pieces (properly this time), taking out some squares to make it less heavy, and actually took the trouble to edge it as well.

However, as you'd expect, I'm still not entirely happy with it. I want to do something a bit more fancy with the edging and make it a little bit bigger. But it will do until I have my next little blanket break down.

PS. You'll note that I've left in the "bright orange monstrosity" that I so objected to last time. That's because it's grown on me and it's now my favourite one. Further proof that I just can't get enough of ugly crochet.


noisypitta said…
I personally think it looks great. Did you get around to fixing that one stitch with only two stitches in it except for three?!?! Sorry, I've probably just made it impossible to ignore again!
Katie said…
No, it's there forever now. Giving me fun-size stress attacks every time I spot it.