New crochet blanket

Those squares I started making a while back are finally being put to good use. I've begun composing them into some semblance of order, adding some in to the mix and sewing them together into - almost - coherent patterns. It's almost as though I planned it that way!

Anyway, here's what we've got so far:

The latest square to be finished.

Here it is next to the first one I made (still my favourite so far).

And this is the new one I'm working on. Still not sure how it will all come together (I might swap the corner pieces for something else), but it's looking ok so far, I think!


Zuleika said…
Your squares are beautiful! The new one is going to be really pretty!
Alpaca Farmgirl said…
Thanks so much for letting me interview you for Fiber Arts Friday! I love what you do, and am really inspired to start crocheting. Keep sharing what you make.