Always busy making stuff

It's not that I don't love you -- I do, honest I do -- it's just that since moving house and having a baby I seem to find it impossible to actually locate things I've made, photograph them and then remember which SD card they're on.

Such simple tasks in theory, and yet I fail consistently.

This is not helped by the fact that my brain likes things filed neatly, and so even if I locate a few items on a memory card, they get rejected for not being the thing I made after the last thing I blogged about.

Anyway, I'm just going to have to let it go and show you what craft-related items I have on my laptop right now (oh, and the death of a laptop has not been helpful in my quest to locate and file).

:: :: :: :: ::

OK, after a long search, I've found... some baby booties.

At this rate, the backlog could take a while to get through...

Anyway, I made these ages ago (last summer) from a lovely Japanese pattern book. They were extremely quick and easy. The downside being that Cecily left them on her feet for about 20 seconds before pulling them off.

After that, I actually altered the pattern and added a little extra row which made them less inclined to give into the merest tug from a curious infant. Unfortunately, this meant that they stayed on for a lot longer until Cecily decided enough was enough and ripped the entire strap off.

After that, I put them in my craft bag where they make me smile and where a baby can't seek and destroy.

Look at her ickle chubby feet!


Felina Baltazar said…
I just found you blog hopping and I absolutely love your blog. I love finding other mothers who love to crochet and do other crafty things. It really does keep us sane doesn't it. :) Take care.