Crochet Bag

Good old Louisa Calder came in handy again for this bag I made for my niece. It's a lot smaller than the laptop case I made, but is pretty much the same sort of thing. I still hadn't twigged about the row of trebles, though, so it's threaded through the stitches as per last time. I really like this bag, but I actually meant it to be horribly garish again to annoy my niece (isn't that what Aunts are for?) after she mocked my laptop bag. I was tempted not to give it to her, in fact, but since I'd left it too late to get her something she might actually like for her birthday, I had no choice but to give it to her. I stuck in a load of Burt's Bees products to soften the blow of the ugly present. And gave her a new mobile as well, so maybe I should have kept the bag after all...

Those with a keen eye and a rapier wit will note that I've quite clearly missed a few stitches along the way. I'm still not quite capable of making something without mistakes. Even somethings as simple as a rectangle, double crochet bag.