Tea Cosy

This was the tea cosy I very kindly created for my sister. I'm not sure if she actually uses it or not - I'd rather not know the truth... - but I was pleased with how it came out since both the shell stitch and the cable stitch were new to me.

Funnily enough, despite numerous failed hats for me, this tea cosy fitted my head a treat. There's a good chance I may have to knock up another one as a head cosy if I fail at any more proper hats.

As is my tradition, I never quite finished it off properly. I was going to do some little rosettes round the top edges to make it look like a cosy I spotted in a sunday supplement's aspirational homewares section, but I lost patience after two teensy rosettes and fobbed my sister off with a "I'll finish it later" offer. That was back at Christmas.

Oh, and for some reason, my cosy didn't seem to close up at the top quite like it was supposed to, but I rather like it that way.

Free Pattern from here.