Lia's Hat

This is the hat I made for my friend Lia for Christmas. I've got loads of bits of random wool given to me by various people and I'm not sure what sort of yarn this goldy stuff is, but it was absolutely lovely to crochet and felt very soft. From what I remember, the hat wasn't quite as nobbly as it looks in this photo. I like to think it was a bit more professionally done than that, but there's a good chance I'm merely deluding myself.

I'm modelling it for the pic, but since I failed to put any makeup on for the shot, I thought it best to hide my spectuarly spotty head from your tender eyeballs. It is not a pretty sight. The good news is (in case you care - and I just know you do) they've cleared right up now.

The pattern was from an old magazine Al's mum sent me.