String, string's a marvellous thing

Since my clothes making isn't going so well at the moment I thought I'd stick up a pic of this string thing I'm making from the Erika Knight's Simple Crochet book (obviously I haven't learned my lesson about attempting to make tasteful objects after the last debacle.) Well, I say "I'm making", actually I haven't done anything to it for weeks now.

Why? Because it's bloody hard work, that's why. Crocheting baskets with string may be all well and good in Ms Knight's household, but in mine it leads to nothing but callouses and misery. I'll finish it off eventually. Just need to wait till the welts have cleared up.


Shinykatie said…
Hey Mikol,
It's just normal parcel string from Woolies. It's not that stiff, but I think that it will end up being fine for storing cosmetics in etc.