Crochet Cotten Purse (and Ikea box thing)

While I'm on a roll, might as well post up this cotten purse, which I made while on holiday in Cornwall. On the drive down we stopped off in a town called Okehampton. I'd been feeling a bit annoyed with my decision not to bring anything to crochet and so when I spotted a wool shop I popped in and bought some natural cotton, a size 3.5mm crochet hook and a small turquoise zip (since there wasn't a matching zip available). Then I knocked up this amazing bit of artistry, whose purpose in life I still haven't fully decided. I probably should have lined it, or made a little interior pocket, but as usual I can always be relied on to do the bare minimum when creating an item.

After the holiday, because I'm a masochist and wanted to ensure that all the goodness and relaxation I'd enjoyed over my break was well and truly wiped away, I took Al to Ikea to spend 5 hours walking around staring at poorly constructed flat pack items. How could I resist when I saw a selection of crochet storage box things? I purchased a four set of the knick-knack houses and now have them littered liberally about my abode. They're made from sterner stuff than the cotton purse, but I was nevertheless pleased with their matchyness. The only bad thing is that they bring to mind that string box I started making ages ago, which is still languishing unfinished in my workbox. Maybe some day I'll finish it off. In the meantime, you can buy a job lot from Ikea for £7...