Crochet Blanket - my life's work

I learnt to crochet a while back now and just like most learner hookers, I started with basic Granny squares made out of three trebles (US double double crochet). Actually, I think they may have been double trebles come to think of it... Anyway, I started with granny squares and made quite a few squares , returning to it over the years as my interest came and went. At some point - though I forget the exact timeline and details - I'm pretty sure I unpicked the whole lot of the them and started again from scratch. The history of this blanket - when I started it properly and how long it has taken me - has fallen out of my brain for some reason. But there are two things I do know: it's still very far from finished; I'll probably unpick it all fairly shortly and start again. Again.

The very idea that I'll unpick it yet again (as well as the initial unpick and re-start, I've unpicked countless squares as well as the white joining rows more times that I care to count) is sending my boyfriend into fits of sighs, but this time it's not about me being all anal and overly perfectionist - it's because it's so weighty that it's starting to pull itself apart. If I do end up unpicking, I'll feel very sad, but also a little pleased that I can get back some of my favourite wool colours - and have the opportunity to create something even better that will be more sturdy. Those big double trebles, with those large squares (incidentally, trying to find 4 colours that look good together without repeating designs is frankly impossible - hence that bright orange monstrosity you can see) are just a little too volatile to survive standard blanket-based activities (sofa lounging, bed warming etc etc).

But even if I don't unpick it and decide to carry on (maybe add a backing sheet that will help to hold it all together), I can't imagine when I'll ever finish it. It's a huge beast of a thing, and there are loads more squares to add on - not to mention all those tiny joining squares to make and sew into the gaps.


StarKnits said…
wow i love that afghan. don't frog it! why don't you like it? it looks so wonderful and comfy!.