Where have I been?!

Shameful, shameful shameful - there's no other word for it. I have well and truly neglected this site (and I only just found out that lots of people have commented, but this new-fangled Blogger had held them all back for moderating - sorry! I'll get back to the people who asked questions asap) and I have no decent excuse for it. I've actually been crocheting loads recently, but I keep failing to get photos of the stuff I make before I pass them onto the person I made the thing for, which goes *some* way towards explaining my absence.

Anyway, I'm not quite ready to make up for my absence just yet - it's getting late and I have a column I've got to write that's due in tomorrow (boo!) - but here's *one* thing I've made during my blogging leave of absence.

Lia, the girl kindly modelling the mittens for me, is now the owner of these woollen masterpieces, and you may imagine how pleased she is. The pattern is from my lovely Japanese crochet book.


Anonymous said…
Your mittens are super cute! Lucky you!