Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm in a Crafty Crafty video!

So, part of the reason that I haven't been blogging recently is because I haven't actually been crafting. I made a couple of tomato hats for babies, which I've yet to get decent pictures of - babies tend to be ungrateful that way - and I've also made some curtains for my camper van. But aside from that, my crochet hooks and sewing machine have been gathering dust. I always think it's best not to beat yourself up too much if you run out of crafty juice. Sometimes there are craft droughts that last for years, but this craft drought feels like it will be over any day now - I can feel the juices flowing once more. Mmm, juices.

So, I've done hardly anything of late, *EXCEPT* for this hat I started making ages ago and still haven't finished. You can see it here in this video I shot for Shiny Media's craft blog, Crafty Crafty (if you haven't visited, please do - and let me know what you think!). I've got some work in progress shots I took, that I'll pop up once I get round to actually finishing the hat off.

Keep watching for Isabelle's info on how she customised a man's shirt and what she did to her shoes to make them lovable again.