Friday, November 06, 2009

Dork Adore: Lovely Things for Geeks (including craftsters)

So, not only have I been busy knitting, growing a human from scratch and packing up to move house, I've also been working away at a brand new pet project: Dork Adore.

It's basically a geek haven, designed to have a category for nearly every area of the internet that dorks adore. And, of course, it goes without saying that there's a craft section.

Recent posts include:
  • Regretsy: The good, the bad, and the seriously ugly
  • Where the Wild Things Are amigurumi crochet patterns
  • Lafayette’s True Blood afghan crochet pattern
  • Bella’s Twilight mittens – free knitting pattern

  • I'm very proud of my new site, and I'm also blown away by the number of lovely writers who have given their time to what is basically a labour of love.

    Lots of ex-Shiny writers are on board, including Susi Weaser (my successor as editor of Shiny Shiny), Gemma Cartwright, Robyn Wilder and Anna Waits.

    I've also had world-famous children's author, Alex Milway (he's my husband, I'm allowed to be biased. Buy his books!) and Gemma's other half, Charles, who has written a hotly debated piece about Twilight and how rubbish it is.

    And last but by no means least, my wondrous editorial assistant who works for my company, Miramus - Emma Cossey.

    Anyway, have a look at the site, and let me know what you think. And if you're a crafty person and have any tips (or want to write!) you can get in touch over on Dork Adore.

    Brace yourselves, people, I've been... KNITTING!

    It's outrageous, I know. I'm basically a traitor to the crochet community. But the fact is, I got myself knocked up (intentionally, I should probably add), and I started making a few crochet things, but soon even I had to accept that knitting has the edge over crochet when it comes to clothes.

    But knitted toys still aren't as good as crochet ones. Which is probably why the "knitted character" on Harry Hill's TV Burp is clearly crocheted and should be renamed immediately.

    Anyway, that was an unplanned side-rant and I should probably move on before I start getting foam bubbles round my mouth.

    So, here's something I still haven't finished crocheting.

    And here's the same thing, made by my crochet-whizz of a mother.

    And this is the point that I got bored of crocheting trebles round and round and picked up the needles.

    As you can see, my first attempt at knitting is a little bit iffy. There are clearly some errors in there. However, it turns out that one of the things that has always bored me about knitting was the simple fact that I always knitted scarves because I didn't know how to make anything else.

    And knitting up and down is as dull as crocheting trebles round and round.

    But once I'd actually decided to work out a pattern, it turned out to be surprisingly fun. And now I know how to pick up a stitch (why did no one tell me it was so easy - I used to unpick it all!) and do some basic stuff, I'm 2 jumpers, a cardie, and a nearly-finished cardie the richer.

    I'll upload proper photos once I locate the memory card I took them on. But rest assured they're a lot less dodgy than my first cardie. Plus, I actually made sure I had enough wool to finish the pattern - unlike this red one with the dash of "oh crap I've run out of wool, this will have to do" blue.