Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mmm, crafty books.

I've been thoroughly sated on the crafty book front in the past couple of months. My Secret Santa gift off Sheldon in the office (everyone fessed up who had bought what about 5 minutes after everyone had opened their gifts) was a fantastic book called Knitted Icons, which clearly comes from the mind of a twisted genius. It is surely enough of a reason even for me to dust down my much maligned knitting needles - even if it's just so I can make the knitted Gandhi.

The Crochet Me book was sent into the Shiny offices for the Crafty Crafty team, so I've commandeered it and promised to write up a review. But since all my craft-related possessions are in storage, I haven't had a chance to do much more than pore longingly over the pages and read the biogs of the craftsters.

And, finally, my first issue of Craft magazine has arrived and I've been carrying it everywhere with me, and lovingly leafing through it whenever a spare moment appears. I'm not actually sure it has much in it that I'll ever even think about making, but it's been so beautifully designed, laid out and published, that it's just a lovely thing to hold in your hand. After years of working in magazines I thought my love for them had entirely gone, but this little publication has reminded me how great it is when you find a mag that makes you want to join its club (which is the key to any good magazine).

Not entirely crafty, but one of those great "inspiration" books, nonetheless, "Recycled Home" was in my pile of Christmas presents this year, and it's already driven me to give an old table a bit of a makeover. Since I was going to throw it away or flog it, I'm now feeling all good inside about my recycling job. I wish I'd taken "before" shots so I could put up a post about it's transformation, but I didn't think about it for some reason.

Anyway, I think it's fair to say that I'm booked up to the eyeballs for the time being!

Why I'm not making any more presents for anyone ever again... maybe.

It's been a long time, I know, but it's been a busy old year and although the crafting has continued, the blogging has gone sadly astray. We have been having our flat done up, and it's been a much bigger upheaval than we expected (thanks, lady project manager!!!! We *loved* being homeless). Because of that, my wool has been put into storage and I only have one size 6 crochet hook that somehow missed being boxed away. I haven't managed to fulfil my usual ambition of making everyone a present for Christmas, but I don't think anyone's too cut up about it, since my sister's tea cosy sits unused and unloved in her spare bedroom, Al's grandma has hidden the cosy I made her in her kitchen drawer and uses a different one, and I've never seen any evidence of the little bag I made my niece being put to use (in fact, I've never seen it since that fateful day it was unwrapped with much false glee.) As for Lia and her various gifts. Well, the least said about those the better.

Screw them, that's what I say. If they can't appreciate the genius of my ugly creations, then I'm just going to keep all that crafty crochet goodness to myself. Ungrateful wretches. Apart from the hat I made my niece (same as my Petrol hat - this is now the third time I've made this hat since I lost my first one), the two hats I've made for my new baby niece-in-law (which I will get round to posting about some day... when I've found the pictures), and the skull and cross bone placemat I made for my skull-loving friend (post about this one coming imminently). Apart from all those gifts, I'm not making gifts any more... OK, that's probably a lie - making things for other people is more fun. Even if they do just quietly secrete them into a bottom drawer for the moths to enjoy. The buggers.