Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Alpaca Girl's Fiber Arts Friday featured blogger!

The lovely Katy from Alpaca Farm Girl contacted me to ask if I'd talk about the fine art of crochet for her Fiber Arts Friday feature. How could I refuse? I am but flesh and blood.

You can read my hilarious insights and homespun wisdom right here.

Also, I know it's shameful of me, but I gave Katy the scoop on two things I finished making recently: my crochet blanket (well I say "finished" - I've still got a row of edging to do) and my amigurumi Milo, which I made for my Milo-mad niece over in Australia. She's already picked a hole in the back of his neck, which I think speaks volumes about the ingratitude of 2 year olds.