Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Come visit me on Dollymix!

Just a quick note, I'm guest editing Dollymix, our fantastic women's magazine, for a couple of weeks while Cate is away. So please do come and visit me and leave me lots of nice comments.

In other news, I've got loads of crafty stuff to write about, but I never seem to have the right photos on whichever computer I'm using when I feel like blogging. But, just to whet your excitement buds, I've made a tea cosy, a hat, a new blanket and another hat. I know, I know - it's too much excitement for one day.

Anyway, forget that - visit me on Dollymix! You'll like it there!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yet another free crochet pattern - Link from Zelda. Will this kindness never end?

Yes, I did it again. Far from being content at offering the world my free Jolly Roger pattern, I set to work to create yet another masterpiece, this time in the form of the wonderful Link from the Legend of Zelda. He's not exactly perfect, but I've tampered with the final pattern which means that your version should come out a lot better. Please do let me know if you make one of these - the validation makes me feel... well... validated (wrote myself into a bit of a vocabulary cul-de-sac there).

As before, the pattern can be obtained from the wonderful Crafty Crafty blog here, edited by the marvellous Abi Silvester, who also edits our green blog, Hippyshopper. She works very hard editing both those blogs for us, so do go and visit one of her sites and leave her some nice comments. It makes *her* feel validated.

I should probably also mention the fact that it's thanks to the wonderful artistic talents of my other half, Alex Milway (to give him his full name to help his Google rankings), who made the pattern for me from his childhood memories of Zelda and nothing more. He really is very clever. Annoyingly so, in fact. But don't tell him I said that.

By the way, if you would like to read the blog of the world famous children's author and illustrator, Alex Milway, you can do so here: www.themousehunter.com/blog. You can also leave him some comments if you like - he's also a fan of validation.

Click here for free Zelda pattern from Crafty Crafty

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free Jolly Roger Pattern from Crafty Crafty

Because I'm such a nice and lovely person, I made a pattern especially for all the readers of Crafty Crafty. If you suddenly realise, upon looking at this, that your life has been an empty and meaningless existence without a skull and crossbone patch, you can download the pattern and create your very own Jolly Roger forthwith. It's a good job I was here, that's all I can say.

Get the free pattern here! Fill your heart with joy.