Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I've gone to Katielee.co.uk

I didn't want to smoosh all my blogs into one giant blog. But after creating ANOTHER blog (What Katie Wrote over on Tumblr where I'm attempting to collect as many of my journo pieces as I can find), I realised that I was over-reaching myself.

 So I finally gave in and moved the all the Good Hooking posts over to Katielee.co.uk.

It's not what I wanted really, but it makes sense. It means that all five of my regular readers can now find all my most hilarious works in just a handful of places, rather than 45.

 If you'd like to hunt me down across the web you can find me:

On Dork Adore
On Katielee.co.uk
On Twitter
On WhatKatieWrote

If you feel really rather peeved that I've bogged off, do let me know (politely). If people organise some kind of online petition or a mass protest, I will bow to public pressure and return.

In the meantime, check out the Craft category of my blog to find the place where Good Hooking used to be.

Please do visit me. I update at LEAST once a year.